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"I am amazed at how connected and whole I feel and how beautifully it seems to be flowing through me."
~ Honor G.

"I've gotten more with you than in twenty years of therapy!  It's amazing!  I've been consistently high.  I feel so much more present in my body.  I feel like a different person!"
~ Patty S.


It is estimated that over 70% of Americans have experienced some form of trauma in their lifetime.  Since this number is only reported cases of trauma, the actual number is most likely higher.  

Trauma can take the form of significant single events such as accidents, natural disasters, losses, illnesses, divorce, etc. or it can be repeated events over a period of time such as physical, emotional, sexual, verbal or spiritual abuse, neglect, addictions, dysfunctional family systems, domestic violence, etc.  In both instances, trauma can create harmful patterns which limit our ability to be happy and healthy.

Life Coaching for Trauma explores how these individual patterns developed and most importantly, how to change them.  It is a dynamic and engaging process which helps people to break free from what's holding them back.  The results are life changing.  Individuals experience significant changes in their relationships, happiness, life satisfaction, health and wellbeing and more.

Why Individuals Choose Coaching & Counseling...
             Offers powerful techniques such as EMDR which are highly effective for
    creating healing and change.

    A new approach if you are feeling "stuck" in traditional therapy.

    Address the whole individual - mind, body and spirit.

    Supports you in making changes now and is present focused.  

    To not have a diagnosis attached to your record.

    To be in charge of your wellbeing, instead of an insurance company.

    Addresses the underlying causes of  trauma.
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