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"What I have accomplished with your support and guidance has been monumental. Knowing that there is someone who sees me for who I truly am and inspires me to express that is priceless."
~Zanni B.

"Gabrielle is truly a gifted and passionate coach. Working with her has left me feeling lighter, having greater insight on specific issues and empowered. I continue to recommend her to my friends, my own personal clients and stand behind her gifts and talents." ~ Megan P.


Over 2/3 of all Americans experience physical and psychological symptoms caused by stress. Stress affects individuals not only emotionally and physically, but also mentally and behaviorally.   Symptoms of stress can range from feeling moody and overwhelmed to low self esteem, forgetfulness, negativity, procrastination, addictions and worrying.

No one escapes the effects of stress, but when stress becomes uncontrolled, it can create signifiant health problems.  What many people do not realize is that unresolved trauma is a leading cause of internal stress.  

Why Individuals Choose Coaching & Counseling...    
    Offers powerful techniques such as EMDR which are highly effective for
    creating healing and change.

    A new approach if you are feeling "stuck" in traditional therapy.

    Address the whole individual - mind, body and spirit.

    Supports you in making changes now and is present focused.  

    To not have a diagnosis attached to your record.

    To be in charge of your wellbeing, instead of an insurance company.

     Addresses the underlying causes of stress such as trauma.

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