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"Thank you for being the strong, powerful, intelligent and inspiring person you are and contributing to my life and the lives of so many others. You truly are a gift and I'm so grateful to know you."

~ Lynea A.

"I have personally experienced many types of inner emotional healing sessions over my years of learning. Gabrielle is one of the best I have ever worked with and feel completely confident that her service will be helpful to anyone."

~ Dr.Timothy Gerhart, D.C., D.A.B.C.I., Dipl. Ac

Anxiety Depression

Anxiety and Depression are the two most common mental illnesses in the Unites States, affecting over 55 million adults.  Women are twice as likely to be affected than men and it is not uncommon for an individual to suffer from both.

Symptoms of Anxiety
  • feeling apprehensive or powerless
  • having a sense of impending danger
  • increased heart rate along with rapid breathing, sweating and trembling
  • avoidance of people, places or situations, 
  • feelings of going crazy, being choked or smothered
Symptoms of Depression include:
  • feelings of sadness or unhappiness, irritability, worthlessness and frustration 
  • lost of interest in normal activities or reduced sex drive
  • insomnia or excessive sleeping or changes in appetite 
  • slowed thinking, speaking or body movements
  • indecisiveness, distractibility, decreased concentration, trouble thinking, concentrating or making decisions
  • fatigue, tiredness and loss of energy
  • frequent thoughts of death or suicide 
  • crying spells and unexplained physical pain such as back aches or headaches.

Suffering with anxiety and depression, can leave an individual feeling hopeless among other things.  An effective course of treatment, must address the underlying causes which most often include trauma.    

Why Individuals Choose Coaching & Counseling...

                          Offers powerful techniques such as EMDR which are highly effective for
creating healing and change.

A new approach if you are feeling "stuck" in traditional therapy.

Address the whole individual - mind, body and spirit.

Supports you in making changes now and is present focused.  

To not have a diagnosis attached to your record.

To be in charge of your wellbeing, instead of an insurance company.

Address the underlying causes of anxiety and depression such as trauma.

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