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"I have begun to grow more confident in myself each day.  You have shown me something that no one else could have, I will forever be eternally grateful to you for your knowledge, wisdom and your compassion." 
~Monica P. 

"You truly have a gift for teaching personal transformation. I have been through a lifetime of personal healing and what you teach are the pieces I have been missing. Thank you." 
~Ellen C.


Addiction is America's silent epidemic affecting over 50 million people each year.  Addiction can take on many forms besides substance abuse.  Individuals can be addicted to food, people, shopping, sex or working.  Addiction is any behavior that becomes compulsive and as a result, leaves an individual with negative consequences in their lives.  Being in the throws of active addiction can leave an individual feeling baffled, powerless and hopeless.  

The most effective recovery program for addiction must address not only changing an individual's habits and behaviors, but also the underlying root causes which include trauma. Some experts link the connection between unresolved trauma and addiction at over 90%.

Why Individuals Choose Coaching & Counseling...

                              Addresses the underlying causes of addiction mainly trauma.

Along with a recovery program, offers the most comprehensive solution possible.

Offers powerful techniques such as EMDR which are highly effective for creating
healing and change.

A new approach if you are feeling "stuck" in traditional therapy.

Address the whole individual - mind, body and spirit.

Supports you in making changes now and is present focused.  

To not have a diagnosis attached to your record.

To be in charge of your wellbeing, instead of an insurance company.

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